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Edward Lowry

881 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Edward Lowry 881 days ago
Edward L At present there are no publicly visible efforts to provide computer language as advanced as was designed at IBM in the early 1970s on any of 7 simplicity-related leading edges:
  - Flexibility of data structures.
  - Simplicity of expression.
  - Generality of application.
  - Modularity of elementary data objects.
  - Fluency of expression.
  - Durability of design.
  - Potential for human to human communication.
 See "Inexcusable Complexity for 40 years" at http://users.rcn.com/eslowry .
 One result is that students everywhere are taught how to arrange pieces of information by educators who are unaware of elementary pieces of information which are well designed to be easily arranged.  In 1982 at DEC it was possible to execute a question such as:
  6 = count every state where populatn of some city of it >  1000000
Today's languages require twice those 14 tokens to express that computation.
 Active leading edge expertise in these areas (under the age of 80) appears to be non-existent.  A widespread upgrade of technology and skills is urgently needed.

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