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Catalina Butnaru

1002 days ago
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Partner with City Awake? First Night Org?
Hub Week?
  • Language for organizations we'd like to participate - how to be in the day, how to join in meantime.
Feb 25
  • 4. Agency; self-awareness, identity, desire. Understand how these sorts of self-loops, at individual group and societal levels lead to new results.
  • How could I do this with my life?  as a profession or a full time hobby.  It's helpful to hear perspectives: different policy isues, learning a new field from the grund up, what obstacles there are to applying it?
1002 days ago
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Willow B First Day
Who's here?
Paul - NECSI
Rosario - consultant in the business, medical device, innovation technology
Joe - systems engineering. interested
Sam - community solutions to health, how health has changed since the medical guilde
Aranon - artist and herbalist.
Hannah - up the river (Harvard)
Cate - London
Willow B
  • Framing
About First Day. Community engagement in self-improvement.
About City Awake
Cate's media. Why 're doing this : Care, Know, Action.
What about three issues in those three parameters?
Physical location, partners
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Services, Inrastructure, Innovation, Information, Change
Catalina B Purpose: Taking personal responsibility for your own wellbeing at personal and global level. 
Inspired from the idea of regeneration and new year resolutions, First Day wants to create a community level engagement at a personal level and community level. 
At a community level, there might be a possibility to engage with City Awake as an organization who took the responsibility to promote Boston as a social responsibility center. Could their mission overlap with the First Day.  Another
  • In context
  • On-site
  • Online
Health and well-being, people who attend a fair likely have an interest. Your standard audience, or target audience.
Samuel K
  • Conversations
Stakeholders, defining motivation for each community
Willow B
  • Business
  • Academic
  • Public
Something the community wants to give, or to solve. A reason to meet together, around what subject. Totally open, or guided topic.
If you have a different parts of teh community get together and decide on the community level about commitments.
Samuel K A topic that you care about is more attractive than a generic health fair; which is more attractive than a topic you don't care about.  A celebration is more attractive than an informational event.
: So - Invite people to 'come find your health problem' at a gathering?  Have something like this founded in games and science and discovery?
We focused on 'Health' rather than personal resolutions and commitments (compare WalMart's annual event).  What if this broadened to personal improvement?
Willow B Actionable in the moment
Fun, Groups, Feedback. 
How we provide value to the community: value as an outcome, fun as a driver.
Flu shots during the season.
Resources from local Nonprofits
Knowledge: much more than words on a piece of paper you're going to lose. 
Games, Aha! moments
Round tables around challenges that communities have curated. Spread populations across tables, come up with the top 3 blocks (and how to shift it) to having a better community. See what recurs, incentivize/bounty those things.
Scavenger hunts.
Discovery of unknown things. Meditation?
Tiny booklets/manifests that get signed off on to indicate activities/ discoveries done.
How to navigate the insurance exchange. Choose your own adventure!
See counts on different activities? Encouragement to attend seen, rad things.
Blood pressure. 160/90 all end up in the same group, talk to each other about making it better.
Dance hall with cumulative heart rates. Mirrored dance moves are fun!
Creating a network - Learn and Connect. Make friends.
  • example of phones off in class - bigger reward when the group acts in a certain way (Minority Problem). 
  • community or neighborhood paired to itself. Not just an aggregation of individuals, but something you participate in together. Collective.
Catalina B MAKE IT FUN
Gamifying the event + identification with a group + finding incentives to do more given group identification
It's empowering to make it feel comforting, so we can break the barriers of shame, taboo, to actually address serious problems in a comforting way
FUN is the reasons to bring them together, and the outcome is learning, value and community building
Willow B
  • Community detection // community self-identification
  • Action kits - how to make your thing rad
  • Everyone hates running Zombie Run in the park
  • Partners meetings. Facilitate connections.
  • Judgement-free space. Ask anything stupid about health etc. Type up, at random it pops up on a shared screen.
  • Exercise group in November
  • 5k, 1k, long walks
Samuel K
  • Working through one Topic
Willow B Some topics: Chronic inflammation, lack of sleep, water, allergies/intolerance, addiction.
Catalina B Topics that impact people's lives, but action can be taken from prevention to treatment at community level based on how far along a condition is.
Reasons for caring about the topic - from a sponsor's / provider's / friend's perspective.
Samuel K Combine mental, physical, and social (community) health.
Distributed component in addition to central fair?
Checklists for different levels of society
  • for cities: checklist for things to do on First Day: walk in clinics, talk about collective obligations, &c
  • for community leaders: checklist for your flock, events and outreach

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