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Patrick Murck

784 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Samuel Klein , Jason Griffey , Patrick Murck 784 days ago
Samuel K Chain box
"Boxing the distributed web" 
"If Tor and IKEA had a baby"
"Run all the nodes!"
Patrick M Bitcoin Core Full Node Documentation from bitcoin.org
Samuel K Inside the box
  • A LibraryBox node [Wikipedia, IA & web snapshot, latest librarybox | 10G]
  • requirements to run: 
  • USB: Any of sufficient size for content package, 64-128GB likely
Samuel K
  • current pre-load from librarybox.us - 13G, other snapshots welcome
  • requirements to run: 2G RAM, 20G/mo bandwidth 
  • open problems: how to run a Bitwolf cluster, in an env where each node has a b/w cap (so N local nodes can share 20G/mo out to the 'net) 
  • A Tor node [Tor relay app | 100M]
  • requirements to run: ???  Linux or a Debian VM.  100M+ RAM based on usage of relay. 
  • open problems
  • known class of security exploit to deanonymize Tor nodes that are also Bitcoin nodes... (if using the blockchain via Tor)
  • Needs a clear package w/requirements (for client only, for a relay, for an exit node).  
  • Needs any package at all for Win and Mac (currently Linux only, save for the FF client; Vidalia no longer supported)
Hardware estimates
  • For a distribution box (exists only to distribute the above packages; not intended to to run them): 
Jason G
  • TPLink Router - $23-50 depending on hardware chosen, whether internal battery is important, etc. Cheapest recommended is the GL-iNet 6416, most expensive recommended is the TP-Link MR13U with internal 10KMAh battery.
  • USB Drive for system swap and shared storage: 128GB low-profile USB = $35-40
Samuel K
  • For a live box / smorgasborg (running any subset of the above packages; able to run them all at once):
  • ~8G RAM, 250G drive [raided?], 2 antennas, 2 Ethernet ports?
Jason G
Samuel K
Project ideas
Kickstarter for artistic first-editions.  
  • With nice big switches to turn each service on/ off?  
  • W/ a separate antenna for each?
  • Directly supporting existing bitnode, onionpi, lib-box packages?
  • Do we want a front display like the Bitnode?  (could this be hacked into a Bitnode)
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