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919 days ago
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Catalina B Data is king, but is everything data?
When statistics becomes the darling of psychology research, collecting relevant data can be a slippery slope. Correlations between assessed mental states and standardized polls don't actually describe the complexity of individual and social psychology dynamics. Pattern analysis and dynamic modeling of trajectories from one condition to another can be much more powerful to guide our understanding of causation and interdependence. 
Jerome warns against taking the easy way out of a data-driven approach by simply asking participants a bunch of directional or open questions. Answers to questionnaires don't provide us with data about mental conditions. You can't solve a puzzle in psychology by asking people what the puzzle is about. 
What type of science do we do, based on who we are?
You think you're discovering the treatment of complex mental illnesses, but all you're doing is playing with the effects of controlled medication. You think you understand the connection between psychosocial influences and mental wellbeing, but you really try to fit assessed data into a multi-variate regression model, and rely on a skewed interpretation of the results to present it as a single-cause interpretation of much more intricate and dynamic manifestation of 
946 days ago
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Willow B First Day Salon
Possible Dates
list pros and cons for each
December 31st would allow for work day participation, still alongside New Year's Day. Taxes and fundraising
Opening day of baseball 
Marathon Monday
First day of mental health week/month
City Awake first day - 4th of December
Late August/Early Sept - beginning of school 
First day of spring
Ides of March!
July 4th 
Chinese New Year
Thai or Cambodian New Year
Other New Years
Somerville has a health faire
January 1st
October 22nd - Mole Day
Pi Day
Soft launches
What can we try in the meantime? Work with United Way
May 30+31 Boston Medial Center has a Health Expo - we should go!
Boston Vault / Boston World Partners. They were missing us and Code for Boston
Catalina B Engaging
"go and get it done": free tests, screenings, signups, go find out
List the Things
Putting together a web of information and outreach.
By building that, we're soft launching at a variety of events.
Ask Code for Boston to help build the connecting tissues
After the network is built, we celebrate with a First Day
breakout groups
  • distributed organization salon topics/problems
  • homelessness - Arnaun
  • governance - what is no longer monopolized by central institutions?
  • transportation
  • lodging
  • media
  • elderly
  • smart grid
  • moving beyond the polarizing terms
Catalina B
  • energy grid
Willow B Voting mechanisms
* Cambridge has ranking rather than one options - how does this affect party systems?
* Loomio out of Providence
FIRST DAY topical group: engagement and follow-up
Catalina B
  • media - Derek Z. Jackson at The Globe
  • For Kids Sake, First Night, Science Festival, River Fest
  • automatic tweeting events for all of our partners throughout the year
  • WGBH, ABC, Fox, (5 local TV stations) and cable news - local media, building a syndicate of media
John Abbott "put the public back in public television"
  • get them to agree to cover the story
  • local press coverage (Somerville TV channels)
  • host maybe a meeting with City
Is there a small pilot we can run during the Somerville's Health Day or during the River Fest.
Doug Cress - the head of the health department in Somerville (he started 2 months ago)
  • collective meeting with the Heads of Health Departments - City of Cambridge, CHA (Claude), City of Somerville, City of Boston
-> what they are hoping to get out of a First Day situation
-> what programs would they be running (we're already collecting this information)
Willow B * Invite media partners
* Invite Cambridge, Brookline, etc
* Invite Community partners
Ask GBH to host, pay for food, send out invitations, etc. Ask Mark to link this up.
What they would want people to get out of First Day
What sorts of activities they might use to get there
Catalina B Distributed organizations topical group
  • starting from the idea of having a MOOC, one can apply that system to "smart grid" systems, and then extend it to the homeless problem
  • discussion about the shared economy (Airbnb, couch surfing)
Samuel K Other discussion topics
Catalina B
  • intentionality and scales of decision makingevolutionary games for decision making?  
Samuel K
  • life and death: does death happen all at once, or is life a systemic property that hinges on robustness to change, which degrades over time until an organism is unrecoverably no longer alive.
960 days ago
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Catalina B Collective Change for Health and Wellbeing (FIRST DAY Community Activation)
Who's here:
Mark - complexity understandable to kids, networker
Lyer - 
Paul -
Sarah - sees complex systems all around her that work
Lili - 
John - City of Sommerville - Uses systems thinking to tackle drug abuse in Sommerville
Vincent - 
Matthew - Science writer
Katherine - Makes data really simple for journalism students. Think about systems that humans are 
Arnan - artist and herbalist
Krit - interested in action embedded cognition
Dan - (send us the link to the research about left & right handed people and accident)
Marshall - excited about releasing a 1.0 version of software that reduces complexity
Anne - why is the system failing in providing adequate service to people who are being left 
Preeta - interested in distributed organizations and general wellbeing
We have 3 guests, and they will talk about how did they activate communities for the first part of the Salon
First Day focuses on personal responsibility for individual, local, global health. 
  • Make the breast pump not suck
Breastfeeding is essential to healthy child development 
the breast pump sucks milk, but it also sucks as a device (experience)
  • the experience is not enjoyable for mums, and certainly becomes awkward 
  • the idea came from an article in Motherlode
  • formed a small group with the goal to invent the breast pump
  • the Hackathon are used as an intervention tool in the society, focused on designing tech that innovates around sensitive issues like breastpumping 
  • the blog post about the hackathon became viral, and attracted hundreds of ideas on how to innovate the breastpump from over 1,000 people.
  • 150 people participants
  • most participants in hackathons don't have children
  • wecome partners and children
  • kids area and snacks
  • kids everywhere
  • teams formed, one with 25 people.
  • Ideas about how to construct new kinds of breastpumps, like making it more like a baby's sucking, or using a non-vaccum based pumping --- such as applying pressure to the breas, another could use software controls, newtork into the community so less isolated. 
  • Others working on the space in which pumping takes place.
Catalina B
  • software driven breast pumps
  • making the experience more social and holistic, by connecting you with the rest of mums in a relaxed space
  • Shifting from a private to public discussion, reframing how to think about this issue
  • Viral in the media, conventional and social.
Catalina B
  • The hackathon lead to 3 teams continuing their work (developing products, writing research papers) 
  • K is working on a data visualization about all ideas during the hackathon
Value of the milk or value of nursing? was the research focused on both? 
It's a challenge to start an open discourse around private issues like brestpumping, but one can connect parents with geeks, and innovate together. This s a personal issue, so make it about the personal experience itself - use words that speak to people ("the lactation hackathon" vs make the breastpump not suck)
Yaneer How do you have a hackathon that will consider the entire thing. Include not just the object, but the physical environment, social context, policy decisions, global health issues.
Catalina B Changing the language that is used, to help people work together is important + curation  
Yaneer One of the questions is how do we have the right people shos up to address those issues.
How do we shift from a one time hackathon to a process that can engage with the world.
The constitution was a hackathon (but it took a couple of years, and snail mail).
Catalina B Justin Keng - City Awake
How can an event create community, how do you engage and motivate people?
  • Every city wants to duplicate an existing ecosystem, startup focused like silicon valley. Justin focuses on how to build a community by looking at these model ecosystems. Hollywood, Sillicon Valley , Boston tech  / entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • We needed a galvanizing concept: organized a festival
  • Social innovation festival
  • Festival held Dec 4 to Dec 13
  • What are business models for social minded organizations
  • Two components: Marketing of the ecosystem, Internal strength.
  • Celebrate what works
  • Acceslerate the development of the ecosystems: Competitions and Something
  • Is there a centralized calendar? Building it. Resource; Calegator
Catalina B Nadeem Mazen
Yaneer Experience with Brad Feld on start up communities in Boulder, which has transformed to having high density of startups
4-5 people putting in time over 20 years will fundamentally change how a community engages in an issue. 
So what is it that we can do on a govenrment and tech community side to make change.
Seen the truth of that anecdote in my experience.
Catalina B How do you coordinate from bottom up?
  • One must remain accountable for their own actions  initiatives
  • It's important that the culture of accountability stays embedded in your organizational structure
  • he's taking the time to look at how the system works 
  • how can everyone fill in the details of what he is not able to see?
  • a community mover - the benefit will be sustainable after his office
967 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Catalina Butnaru 967 days ago
What's the end point, what would a dronefull universe look like? 

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