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Paul W Cambridge Specific
Directory of Resources for Homeless in Cambridge
Multi-Service Center for the Homeless - 362 Green Street
Multi-Service Center has many departments relevant to homeless and related services.
Police Dept. Homeless Outreach Program
Dept of Human Services having talks at Central Square Library sponsored by Corporation for Supportive Housing (June 25, more coming?)
Other Orgs:
Home Start
Spare Change (also has a speakers group to inform people about the program) need more info
Caspar Inc Mens Recovery Home, (617) 623-5277, 16 Highland Avenue, Somerville, MA - 02143
Justice Start
Homeowners Rehab
Bridge Over Troubled Waters
Affordable Housing - federal regulations, tables based on Area Median Income (AMI) and number of people in home.
Large residential developments will sometimes have "inclusionary units", a small number of affordable housing units.
If you have a criminal record, then often not eligible for many social services, homeless programs. Exceptions? Bureaucratic delays..
City Council
  • Mark McGovern
  • Dennis Benzen
  • Council sometimes makes short-term spending such as buying blankets etc.
  • Concerns of Central Square not being "family friendly". 
Cambridge "wet" shelters - Albany St. Safety concerns. Kicked out in the morning, so homeless spill out to Central Square in the morning.
Cambridge has 2 police officers specializing in homelessness.
Better knitting together of police/social services/housing
Summer/Winter effect - growth/shrinking of homeless population
Does city have long-term plan for homeless issues?
Adequacy of Alcohol/Drug treatment?

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