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NECSI Programs

1016 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Willow Brugh , NECSI Programs 1016 days ago
Each linked-to page should (at least) include:
Willow B
  • First Day
Partner with City Awake?
Hub Week?
  • Language for organizations we'd like to participate - how to be in the day, how to join in meantime.
Feb 25
  • Wal-Mart
  • First Night
  • Bit by Bit
  • Partners in Health
OpenStreetMap vs traditional cartography. How individuals describe their own locations, how that merges with The State's view of hierarchies. Collection of environmental data for direct action.
  • Jerry Keigan?
  • Distributed Systems
What does this transition actually mean? Collapse of Centralized Systems
Deb Roy needs to be around for this.
Institutions are great for long-term mission and knowledge holding. Right now, they do so much more. I've especially been thinking about archives and public services lately.
Liquid democracy etc
Monitorial citizenship
What changes about labor when any laborer can speak to each other, but the ties of employer are nebulous at best? Why can institutions make use of the differences of national laws, but we can't?
What changes if a distributed group opts into supporting a cause, rather than a centralized group determining what is supported?
  • Other Topics
Wikipedia, Historypin, Geograph.uk, GlobalVoices, etc. What happens when we can create a shared view of history together, rather than fragemented bits at odds with each other? Does this diminish our cultural heritage? 
Homelessness is a complete failure of local community: it's a cliff for quality of life, also productivity and ability to contribute back to those around you.  For the ill or injured, is a dramatic health risk.  Housing at scale is also not expensive compared to other city infrastructure, as some cities have shown.  What makes good solutions work, and how can obstacles to them be overcome around the world? 
  • Realized Events
Jan 28, 2015
1016 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by NECSI Programs , Willow Brugh 1016 days ago
NECSI P NECSI Remote Participation
Willow B Things we want:
  • at least one-to-many broadcast
  • chat channel
  • cheap or free
  • recording?
  • video?
  • Options
NECSI P Livestream
1016 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Willow Brugh , NECSI Programs 1016 days ago
Willow B
  • Invite Language
For Seed Attendees
For Eventbrite
  • Lead-Up
Relevant articles / links
Seed Attendees
  • Venue
After a topic has sufficient details, clear language, and seed attendees; the eventbrite is put up and promotion begins. NECSI-centric invite language is here.
  • Notes
1535 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Sam Klein 1535 days ago
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