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Statement of Objective in pockets of time 6 https://hackpad.com/mbUiIJ8oqiB#New-Statement-of-Objective Grad School Application, Research
Network Story spec out global story hack Open Space, Berkman
Naval Defense University wants to know about Occupy. Gently, gently. 2-7 (can choose to publish later, if all parties consent) GWOB, Formal to Informal Bridging
Call with Nicco at Kennedy School about grad school 2 (doubt interest of other parties) Grad School Application, Research
Talk to Gus about OpenITP Jan Crypto UI/UX event 8 (folds into public doc, but not the process of the change) Open Space, GWOB, Hackathons
Call about Field Innovation Team panel at humanitarian tech conf 3 (parties involved not comfortable sharing unfinished) GWOB, Conferences, Panel
Berkman Holiday party 9 Social, Berkman, Parties
fffix my hair 10 bl00cyb.org Personal
Interview Jack Abbit from Occupy for research 0-10 (without consent, gets deleted. All the way to fully published with research) Social Systems Research

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